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Hi Wireless Experts,Wondering if any one tested how fast a foreign WLC would detect an internet guest anchor WLC went down and switch the internet traffic to the EoIP tunnel to the other guest anchor WLC? From the end user experience, I assume the gu...

cedar_lee by Beginner
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Where exactly is the license warning message seen when a secondary controller is active for over 90 days?  I've seen a CLI example but is it seen elsewhere such as the web GUI or through SNMP traps?  Could the user (Wi-Fi station) experience this mes...

We have a 4400 controller and users are complaining that their access timeout after 5 minutes.  The only thing on the controller that I see is a 300 user inactivity timeout.  Is there another way to setup a timeout?

Hi community!We purchased a "AIR-CT5508-HA-K9" to be a HA backup to our current production controller. Needed some assistance with the licensing required. Documentation for AP SSO says that you don't need any further licensing for the HA box when pur...

Hi,We have several WLC's in school sites all connected back to a central WCS (ver6) which is working fine so I am just trying to clear up a few small issues.At a couple of sites I am getting alarms on WCS as per example below which has me at a loss.W...

Tony Dann by Beginner
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Hello,I would like to know if someone can tell me what means the LED status?When it is blinkink, or OFF?Rightnow, i have the LED OFF, bur the SSID is working, the broadcast is working...What does it mean?Tx,B.

bouchal-38 by Beginner
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Hi all ,I have vWLC  v7.6.100 . Now question is :i have Ap's on one subnet where is controllerer also ( controller ip ) other network with AP's  for some other users is on diffrent subnet witch is behind NAT...

startx001 by Beginner
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Hi Folks,A list of all the wireless clients on my WCS shows among other details the protocol in use.  I have a mix of 802.11g, 802.11a, some 802.11n clients and another called "Mobile", does anyone know what the Mobile protocol refers to?Thanks in ad...

shanemoss by Beginner
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