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Resolved! Change Transmit Power Level on 2602 AP

Hi,I need to lower the transmit (tx) power level from the default 1 to something less powerful like 4 but I don't see any way to do it through the WLC (Cisco 2504 WLC) and I can't figure it out from the CLI. Also, I saw a tutorial on how the lower th...

How many connections?

Just a quick planning question. This is a church environment that may grow quickly. They're currently trialing with three LinkSys devices and about 25 users. But they anticipate up to a couple of hundred users if successful. Which device(s) would...

connecting ACCESS point

guys i have a cable broadband installed in my home i just bought cisco 1200 series access point...now can someone please guide me how to configure my access point.....i beleive i have to plugged fastethernet cable coming out of my cable modem to acce...

HREAP local switching with web auth

Hello All, Does web authentication work perfectly fine while locally switching the SSID on Hreap mode APs with older WLC firmwares - I see it is supported in onwards. Does it work on older versions? Has anyone tested and faced a...

jeen_wifi by Beginner
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Radius Authentication not working

Hi,I have a 5508 controller running 7.4.100 and have a WLAN where I have radius configured. On my controller the client machine I'm using appears but the radius authentication doesn't appear to be working. Is there anything on the controller I can do...

WCS Template User Rights

Is there a way to grant a user rights to apply/schedule a template in WCS without granting them full access to change or modify the existing template?  Basically, we are looking to allow a group of users to locate an AP and apply templates to it with...

Resolved! Lwapp AP and DHCP option 43

Hi,I have configured option 43 on dhcp server, rebooted 1131 AP, but AP always try to resolve CISCO-LWAPP-CONTROLLER instead of ip provided by dhcp. How can I debug this?Config on router:ip dhcp pool seg20 option 43 hex f104.0a0f.64fdThanx.

u2taz by Beginner
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Mobility group same ssid multiple WLC

I have a 4400 and a 5508 WLC in the same location We want to be able to roam between ap joined to both the 4400 and the 5508 using only one ssid Do I only need to create a mobility group and add both WLC then create only one WLAN on one of the contro...

cisco aironet 1240ag

Hi all,I have a question regarding cisco aironet 1240ag AP.1st - Does this devices has a firmware ? So I can update a firmware ? or is an image file for IOS software ?2nd - Which wireless controller I can use to handle multiple aironet 1240ag AP's ?3...

Resolved! 5500 wlc

Is 5500 WLC expected to be EOL/EOS soon? How many years of life is left in it? I think its eol/eos is not yet announced, but just want to know if anyone has any idea about Cisco's plans for 5500.Thanks.

Resolved! Locatin grade wireless coverage

We have a project going on where we want to use RFID tags to track inventory in the parking lot. I am being told that the RFID tags need "location grade Wi-Fi" to work. I have never heard of this. I know there is a difference between voice grade and ...

Cisco1619 by Beginner
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