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Good day to all!I'm currently facing a severe problem in ongoing hotel project. initial designer has designed the building allocating one Access Point for each apartment. But certain apartments available that are larger than others. An AP does not su...

Hello all,we are using 5520 wlc( ap's in flex connect mode.currently we have migrated to capptive portal for the guest authentication.users are getting authenticated but they are not getting the ip address, in cisco ise the user is auth...

Anjana A by Level 1
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I need to change the hostname of a 9800-80 HA pair with thousands of APs and clients connected.  Thinking about the primary and secondary wlc names configured on APs for the capwap join process, how do I gracefully change the WLC hostname?  The ip ad...

I recently configured 802.11k and 802.11r in order to get the company iPhones to roam seamlessly between APs.Now I'm getting following message every once in a while in all AP logs I checked:May 13 05:17:33 kernel: [*05/13/2024 05:17:33.2509] RSNIE in...

TobiasR42 by Level 1
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I am trying to figure out how to add an ap into a an existing EWC network currently have one ap c9130ax and I am trying to add another c9130ax both same country code, the new Ap has been reset and I believe it is in Capwap mode, currently I am unbale...

Paulyp5 by Level 1
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Greetings, Kindly advise how to check and rectify cisco outdoor AP1542I for not powering up. The WAPs are connected to 9200 series POE switch and the switch ports are able to power other devices when connected.  End user found that 4 out of 18 instal...

Hello everyone,I'm trying to figure out a frustrating issue. Attempting an install of APSP6 keeps bombing out and I'm unsure what steps to take next. Software: Version 17.09.04aROM: 17.3(3r)Error in question:  Dec 13 21:21:01 Eastern: %INSTALL-3-OPER...

I have a Cisco 3700 Series AP and trying to connect it to a WLC 5508. I have getting a certificate validation failed error, however when I use the command "show crypto pki certificates" no such expired certificate shows up. Previously had an issue wi...

singh7881 by Level 1
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Hi Guys,  I have face a very weird issue. Currently my environment are running with 2 x C3504 in HA. There have 18 AP mixed with 1702, 1852, 2802, 9120. Some support for CleanAir some not. Too use all this model, we had choose the version 8.10.130. S...

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