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How to setup 3 separate Vlans on Cisco 5508

Dear Support team,I have a Cisco 5508 setup an running with Cisco 3502 AP.with same SSIDhowever i need segment the network using 3-Diff VLANS:1. vlan 1-----students2. vlan2----- Visitors3.vlan3------ Staffthe students and visitor are not ment to logi...

okoroji80 by Beginner
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APin 7.4 and WLC inver 7.022??

Hello another question, can i mangane a AP in 7.4 with a WLC in situation will be temporarly, time to upgrade my other WLC, i need to move them from 1 to another...Tx for an answer.B

WCS to Prime

Hello,Where I want to migrate the WCS (with 100 licenses) to Prime 1.2 plus add 100 licenses I would need the R-W-PI12-M-K9 to take the 100 WCS to Prime 1.2 then what is the code to add the further 100 Prime licenses?Assuming once the migration from ...

difference in Lisences on Cisco PI 1.2

can someone explain the difference between Lisence types on Cisco Prime Infra 1.2 as belowBase LisenceLifecycle management Lisencecompliance management lisenceAutomated deployment GatewayAssurance Management Lisence.Thank you

ammahend by VIP Engager
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Cannot connect to second SSID on Aironet 1231

Hi,I have configure my AP with to SSID (11 & 12), but I cannot connect to 12. It authenticates, and while trying to acquire IP address from 12, it fails and connects me to 11 (if I have already saved the SSID connection).The following is my AP status...

wrathyimp by Beginner
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Autonomous AP

Hi AllAny additional config required for a Autonomous Access Point to provide IP address to wireless client via Windows 2008R2 dhcp box, considering AP and Windows Server are in the same vlancheersCP

Aironet 1040 IP Redirect

I am trying to create a welcome screen for people who join the guest network on my aironet 1040.Webpage pass-through is really what I want but I know that doesn't work on a 1040.What does: IP redirect, Conditional Web redirect or Splashpage redirect?...

FMHLPDSK1 by Beginner
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CWA without password - is this possible?

We have a request to set up CWA such that a guest user must enter personal details & accept the AUP, but is then granted access to the guest network without having to enter a password. Leaving aside the advisability of this approach (it's in a sandbo...

Configuring HA with WLC 5508

Good Afternoon,I have a pair of WLC 5508's. I am installing 7.4.100 on them and they are properly licensed. I am looking to preconfigure these and ship them to our site.My questions are:1)  How much configuration do I need to setup on the secondary c...

Resolved! WLC HA

we have a WLC4404. we want purchase a new 5508             .its possible setup HA (redundancy) mixing those type of WLC?Thanks.

5508 WLC in HA over a L2-VLAN

Hi everbody,I am very interested in the new 7.3 feature HA.Also I can read that it is recommended to connect the two WLCs directly.Has anyone tried to use a L2-VLAN between them, in fact to bridge a distance between two data centres?Thank you for you...

Wifi User Authentication.

    Dear Team, We have cisco switch 2950 and 2960 in two office buildings. all the user in two buildings are using wifi. but now we want one level of authentication to user. means when a new user is created before using internet it must ask for usern...

shisheert by Beginner
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