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Hello AllWe want to enter the Mac-address of the Access Point on the Wireless LAN Controller 5508 and then Access Point are allowed to Register to the Wireless LAN Controller.  What option needs to be enabled on Wireless LAN Controller to make this s...

Band Select, "Acceptable Client RSSI". Is the RSSI in this parameter the RSSI measured from the 2.4GHz or 5GHz? Is it the signal the client measures from the AP, or the signal that the AP measures from the client? (I assume AP measures from client).A...

dhurshowy by Beginner
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Hi,i have one 2112 Controller connected deirectly to a firewall, there is no other network infrastructure avialable, so the APs are also dierctly connected to back pannel of Controller.can i have multiple WLANs in this scenario ? Will firewalls can s...

Hello,I have a trouble with wireless interface load balancing.I operate about 1500 APs (1131AG/Standalone type) and my wireless clients are almost 12000 in a day.My troble is that most clients are attached to B/G band, even though some clients can be...

We have an indoor W-VoIP system in place using a 5508 WLC and 11142/1252 APs.  The phones are all 7925s.  We are looking at adding some outdoor coverage, along walkways between buildings and such.  We think the 1550 MESH radios would be a good soluti...

helloi have bought cisco 892W router, i want to configure As Access point and connect two more 1142 Access points with this router.i configure router and ap. but its not working. i am not getting ssid please assistcurrent configuration of router  AP ...

Dear all,           My cisco 1310 bridge boot loader fail while i try to upgrade to newest firmware, not i m try to get back my boot loader , but seem to be tftp timed out error pls see the below message:i try to get back my boot loader to C1310-k9w7...

Hello,I have 2 4402 WLC's and am in the process of deploying 1042 APs out to sites. But The AP's wont recognize the WLC. I have configured the DNS for CAPWAP but still no dice. I have had to serial into each unit and give it a static IP and then I ca...

rlaudicina by Beginner
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We have been recieved some legal threats (I know they are BS but my company is worried about the ISP cutting us off) because a couple users on our public wifi network have been using our network to download Bittorrent movies.I researched P2P blocking...

mstrz by Beginner
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