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Hi All,I've had this issue where using web-auth with passthrough with a redirect to URL. After the Accept button, the popup window to the redirected page appears, but closes itself immediately afterwards with SSID successfully logged in. However I ne...

irissen by Level 1
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Hello Dears,   i have an issue on web authentication for wireless users due to the certificate, when the users try to connect we receive an alert for the certificate is it possible to use HTTP login authentication instead of HTTPS to avoid the certif...

Hello Community.  I have difficulties finding a way how to distinguish in our monitoring tool if the device is 9300 switch or 9300 Embedded  WLC - FIB device. Could you help me out or post MIB IOD number?  The reason is that we have different monitor...

Hi Team,We are discussing to deploy guest internet locally at site rather than using Anchor controller present in DC using internet link at DC.  Can you please help with steps , how we can achieve 

Hi, I'm trying to setup an iPSK based SSID on Cisco 9800-CL and have also installed iPSK manager to integrate with ISE Server. Have followed the guide provided here. We would like to assign different VLAN based on external groups matched and pass the...

Hi,I have a strange behaviour after merging AIR-AP2802I-E-K9 access points from physical 2500 WLC to Cisco vWLC v8.10.171.0. Immediately after the merging, only Windows operated laptops could join the network by using their enterprise WPA2 credential...

What is everyone doing to get SGT tags applied to clients authenticating 8021x via ISE? We recently migrated to WLC9800's, I have gone through the TrustSec config section of the WLC. My WLC's are aware of the SGT's mappings from ISE, but none of my c...

MattMH by Level 1
  • 3 replies
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9120 AX Access point not joining controller ( code) and the error I am getting at every turn is - Waiting for preferred uplink IP configuration - anyone have anything I can try.  I did try to manually place IP on access point.  Under Securit...

RGilbert by Level 1
  • 12 replies
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Customer has two Ha-pairs of 2504. Now the first ones license is becoming full. I need to move some of the ap's from first HA-pair to second.Network layout is pretty simple. HA-pair 1 is at network same network with ap's with ip Seco...

louhe by Level 1
  • 16 replies
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HI,I have four aironet 1601E and four 1852E with Mob Ex. matrix table says you need the image 15.3(3)JF7 for the lightweights.Now I should update all the ap to the latest release, what can I do?I don't have access to the web-gu...

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