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AP: 3502,1141,1252Injector: air-pwrinj4WLC: wisms and 5508's - 3750 (non-poe+)Trying to save my tech's time and gasoline (driving to remote sites) - Sometimes APs hang up, become unreachable - only way to get the AP working again ...

I am getting errors that state the following on WCS:"Access point 'APNAME' associated with controller 'CONTROLLER NAME' draws low power from Ethernet. Failure reason: 'The AP draws 15.4 watts from Ethernet'."I am using the 1250 series access points i...

the WLC 5508 is setupLAP1142 can join the WLCMy iphone4 can join the Wireless network andget IP mask no gateway, no dnswhere can i assign ip range, gateway, dns for the mobile devices?  thanks a lot.tony

Tony WONG by Beginner
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Hi,WCS is reporting few AP's are not associated with it. While troubleshooting, AP conneceted switch interface shows UP/UP and show power inline output gives IEEE PD instead of AIR-LAP1131AG-E-K, after doing a shut/no shut on AP connected interface. ...

Hello, i'd like to force the speed/duplex of the integrated Gigabit interface on a LAP1042N, managed by a 4402 running software version 7.0.98 but I cannot find the command either by command line or on the GUI. Could someone help me? Many thanks! che...

theophile by Beginner
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We have a WCS running on Linux.The clock on the Linux box is correct, but the time on the WCS is not, as evidenced in reports of client associations and other reports.Where can I set - or even just check- the clock on the WCS? Thanks!Lynne

Hi,I have a WLC 5008 running with 40 AIR-LAP1042N-E-K9 and country code BE (Belgium) configured.I also have some AIR-AP1142N-C-K9 which I converted to CAPWAP OS.Unfortunattely only 1 of the 2 radio interfaces is working because of regulatory reasons....

tvo by Beginner
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Hello-I recently purchased another 1142 AP to expand out our current wireless infrastructure, my question is, what exactly needs to be done for this to work so that users can roam freely and auto-connect to the closet AP with the best connection with...

Hi, I am facing problem in creating the third SSID on Cisco C1130.I already have two SSID one for the corporate user VLAN 1 and one for the Guest VLAN3 and it is working fine.Now I want to add third SSID (EMGAS) on VLAN 23 with WEP. But I am not able...

Hi,I try to change the AP mode of my LWAPP 1242 from local to bridge mode. But when the AP reboots it never associates with the controller, i have to reset it manually.I have the same issue with a LWAPP 1142.I tried to modify the AP mode configuratio...

el-bachir by Beginner
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I noticed that one of my colleagues could was able to authenticate to the enterprise wireless with his domain account on his iphone, despite that Peap machine authentication is enabled on the ACS. This is strange since the iphone is definitely not in...

grabonlee by Enthusiast
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