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WCS Upgrade server, info on Licence transfer

HiCurrently on WCS 7 which is a VM Server.  Due to the expansion of the wireless, require to upgrade the server to enterprise version.  If I remember right if the Server keeps the same name and I copy the database from the old server to the new serve...

Resolved! ACS 5.2 software high availability

Hi,  Can i setup primary/backup setup with ACS 5.2 software on Vmware ? Will replication/high availability happen just like if using two appliances ? I need to setup two ACS5.2 softwares on different Vmware machines. regardsJoe

Resolved! Upgrade Cisco 3310 MSE

Hello,I wanted to upgrade a Cisco 3310 MSE with IOS: "CISCO-MSE-L-K9-6-0-105-0-64bit.bin.gz".MSE current version: WLC is in : wanted to know if all the version are compatible between thes equipement (WLC, WCS and MS...

Restoring License files

I have my new server restored with the backup files from my old  server. I have one last problem. When I log into the web page for WCS,  It prompts me, telling me I dont have the license for all my AP's.Is their a way to export the license files from...

Antenna Options for Cisco 1941w router

Hi All, I have a 1941w router which I would like to extend the 3 MIMO antennas as the unit is installed in our comms cabinet. Really need help in choosing the correct antenna for this unit, if possible as well as extending the length increase the gai...

Resolved! Antennas Issue

Hi,If I have a two rp-tnc connector 2.4 GHz anntena already installed and I decided to change it for one new RP-TNC connector dBi antenna (both omnidirectional), am I loosing some kind of coverage? or it is good idea chaged it? My doubt is due to I d...

josem_155 by Beginner
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Resolved! Wireless Network

I am planning to setup a wireless network with multiple access points in a lab for testing. I would like to use Cisco Aironet Access Points and a Controller if need be. I am new to this kind of setup. Can someone please tell me what i would need for ...

WCS 7.0 Campus problem

After installing the WCS upgrade to 7 to the wrong drive letter, I uninstalled it and reinstalled to the correct drive.  I then restored the database backup and all looked ok.  I noted that in the restore, I now had a System campus.  Thought I would ...

LWAPP 1252 not associating to WLC

I have a 1252 LAP that just won't associate to the WLC. It won't pull an IP address from my DHCP server either. I've tried a number of things to get this AP to associate but it just won't. Is it just a Bad Unit that needs to be replaced? Someone plea...

WLC Power adjustments query

Hi all,How does the Antenna gain value (in .5 dBm units) in WLC affects the transmit power of the AP?Consider that we have configured the power level of the AP to "1" which is the maximum and we have no gain value.If we change the gain value to one t...

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