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Hello All,This may be just my miss-interpretation but when I configure an Autonomous 1041n AP I'm not getting the N throughput or seeing the multiple MIMO freq channels being broadcast.  I get a typical 54Mg freq signature based around a channel ie.....

Hello,On advice of our supplier I've bought an Cisco Aironet 1310G, purpose was to connect 3 sheds who are about 100 meter apart from each other to the internet, a default ADSL router. It is connected with an Aironet Power injector LR2. The range of ...

Hi,I have following query in Cisco WCS 6.0.132 log file settings.• Max. file size - What is the maximum size supported by wcs?• Number of files - What is the maximum number of files can be supported by wcs?• File prefix - Purpose of file prefix ?Look...

I'm trying to add our 1st AP to the WCS.  After placing the AP on the map it asks for AP details.  Problem is - you can only select 1 antenna from the drop-down menu.  and the air-ant513db-r or ant513d-r don't show up.  it also asks for the antenna d...

moody by Level 1
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HiI'm ready configured with a controller, since only the second has the IP settings and passwords, I need to mirror these settings for WLC1 WLC2 via WCS then create a template for the next two configs are applied at the controllers. Thank you.

I'm upgrading (6) WiSM 1's(12 controllers) from 7.0.98 to 7.0.116.  I've completed 3 controllers total so far, and on every one of them, the AP's disassociate during the upgrade process.  This happens when "Writing new APIB to flash disk"...  How am ...

Tony Davis by Level 1
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Hi,  MSE3355 running . NTP is configured in intial setup and synced with NTP server. but when i see the time, its offset by 6 hours. I have set the timezone correctly as per the location we are in and it still shows wrong time. Is there a...

Morning Guys,I have a situation in which I have a site where all the APs are not in the same subnet and thus the IP Addresses received by my clients are different. However, all APs are advertising the same SSID which is permitting roaming at the lowe...

hello,Does anyone know where I might find a document spacific to 2008 / NPS / WLC intergration?thanks very much for your time,gregMessage was edited by: GREGORY WHYNOTT

gwhynott by Level 1
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Hi,I am seeign one AP080ITI, Interface 255 is showing down in critical logs & message is " 802.11b/g interface of AP080ITI is down:Controller Name: 080TTI"The log details is showing - it is gerenated NMS.Also the AP is showing unassigned to the MAP.A...

Resolved! URL redirection

On the guest wireless network, I understand that the WLCs redirect guest users to the login portal. Is it posible to do it on the wired network without using 802.1x ?Here's the scenario :Guest user plug te cable to the network. Guest user open the we...

zappo0305 by Level 1
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