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Hello,I have a problem with my router 861w and I don't know from where is this problem. The situation is like this: I have attached a hard drive on one of the Ethernet port of the router and I'm accessing this hard drive thru my laptop which is wirel...

The Apple IPhone running Cisco Mobile 8/8.1 has roaming issue:We are using a 5508 (WiSM) running code. The AP's in the area are the 1142 and the 1232. the SSiD has QOS set to voice/Platinum. Cisco (and ASCOM) phones are working and roam jus...

rr6231 by Level 1
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I have a few APs that keep doing this where WCS generates alarms saying that the AP is down and a/b/g interface is all down. If I check the WCS, I see the AP up for more than 10 days or so but the CAPWAP is up only for 4 minutes. Eventually clients a...

Hi AllCould some please tell me if the neighbour list on a 792x phone is anything to do with the AP neighbour list compiled in the RRM function using RF groups and sub-groups?My 792x phones only ever show the connected AP in the neighbour list. Just ...

s.vosper by Level 1
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Hi AllI am having an issue with a 3502i ap. The ap uses dhcp 43 to locate controller and downloads the image for the first time. Eventually after reboot it appears for a short time in the wireless tab with the other AP's. the controller version is 7....

Gaj Anna by Level 1
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We have a test lab setup usingDHCP server = windows 2008WLC = 5508, AP=lap1142nswitch = cisco sg300vlan1= server is in vlan 1 with dhcp scopes setup for vlan 1, 128 and 160The wlc is connect to the ...

Hi Everyone,From this link(http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/ps6366/products_tech_note09186a0080b1a506.shtml), I can see.    Mobility ping over EoIP—This test runs over EoIP - IP port 97 and tests the mobility data traffic over the management inter...

I am upgrading the Wireless Infrastructure with two 5508 WLC.I am setting up High Availability, but I think is not quite working.Primary Controller = WLC1Secondary Controller = WLC2LAP = LAP1LAP1 has WLC2 as the primary controller for HALAP1 has WLC1...

WCS Map planning mode issue:Hi ,we try to set AP planing mode in WCS with actual obastacle rail other editing featue in planing mode but when we genarate planning we can't get edit map .how can we solve this issue .thanks and regardsRobin

zahid0001 by Level 1
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Hi,We're planning to order Cisco AP 1262 (AIR-AP1262N-E-K9). Our Switch do not support PoE, so i wonder what is the default power option that come with this device (is it come with AP power adapter)? or do we need to order a seperate device?Will powe...

Hi Everyone,I wonder if there is a way to rename an existing SSID on aironet 1142 without destroying/recreating. I tried downloading configuration/ changing name/ re-uploading however that didn't have desired effect. There doesn't seem to be a way vi...

We are looking for your feedback on the Mobile Cisco Support Community! If you use the iPhone and/or iPad apps you can participate in a Live session hosted on October 6th.  Don’t miss this opportunity to have your voice heard and to learn more about ...

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