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Ok..perhaps I am a big dummy but I can't find any really good documentation on how to setup a 4400 in a DMZ for Wireless guest access. I know you wouldhave to setup mobility groups and make sure you can ping the controllers across thenetwork.. I am ...

Resolved! WDS problem

Hello,First ,I'm sorry for my poor english.(Pls suggest me if it wrong or don't understand)I had config my AP like this - WPA+TKIP - 802.1x ( PEAP , MS-CHAP-V2 ) - Radius IAS ( Win2003)Now it's work fine, but when client roam to another AP sessio...

Hello,I have 6 users on a small WLAN. The AP is an 1100 Series, and I currently have no WEP encryption enabled (nor WPA) for testing purposes. The network has worked fine for a few months without any disruption, however I now have (2) of the (6) wire...

scottm by Beginner
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We're running the LWAPP with the WLC's model 2000 and AP's modelAIR-AP1242AG-A-K9. We assign static addresses to the WLC's, however DHCP addresses forthe AP's. We need to obtain the config from the AP, however were not able to ether telnetor http/s...

axfalk by Beginner
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Good morning guysI have a 1121 AP and manual PAC provisioning passed but automatic does not. What debug statements can I use to troubleshoot this? I'm also using local RADIUS on the AP and CSSC which I believe does not support manual PAC fil...

ciscors by Beginner
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Is it possible to allow client use the Web VPN connect to the company for register the SoftPhone ? My customer ask me this question and I have no any idea. He prefer to not use the Cisco VPN client and he want the other type of VPN that can run via b...

On at least 2 of our access points, it looks as though the total output drops are high for some APs that have very little client traffic on them. Our network monitoring system (OpManager via SNMP) has been generating alarms for high discard and erro...

support by Beginner
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Hi All,So under Monitor -> Acess Points -> APxThe Noise vs. Channel graph I am assuming is just the level of noise the AP is picking up "per channel" and is plotted in blue.The Interference by Channel graph has two bars associated to each channel. O...

I currently have 1 x 4402 Controller setup in the HQ. This has a failry extensive wireless environment.If there was to be a failure then the HQ has lost all Wireless communications.I would like to implement another controller and use this as a backup...

I have 3 APs to provide wireless coverage in a small hotel outfit. One AP is to be installed on each floor, there are 3 floors in all with 4 rooms on each floor.I plan to have one of the APs serve as a master while the other two APs will be cascaded ...

Hello,I am wondering if any of you have tested N adapters with desktop computers and which adapters performed the best.I have tested Broadcom and Intel laptop adapters with favorable results;unfortunately they don't make the same cards for desktop us...

rduke by Beginner
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