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Hi Guys,I want to enable client threshold traps, so if exceeds a certain amount of client that is being handled by the AP, PI will send an alert stating that the AP might be overload. On the WLC, I found the setting on RF profile, but could not find ...

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Hi,users are complaining when  they connect dot1x  , it s disconnecting they need to reconnect  but where as wpa2 it does not disconnect .What are  the troubleshooting steps Thanks 

  Hi team, In my environment, I've noticed an anomaly with our 500 APs. Around 450 of them are establishing CAPWAP tunnels with 1485 MTU, while the remaining 50 are using   1005 MTU.  AP Model: 9166 {All APs are in local mode}  WLC: 9800 is it any bu...

Sanju_13 by Level 1
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I am having an issue with getting some new 3702i APs to join a new 5520 WLC.  I am trying to add about 180 Aps to this controller and none of them join.  I see them trying to join in the AP Join section, but all are unsuccessful.  I have another new ...

jvasilko by Level 1
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We configured our C9800 with a Dot1x SSID. when clients enter access to connect, we have the following message Mar 7 14:11:37.180: %DOT1X-5-FAIL: Chassis 1 R0/0: wncd: Authentication failed for client (f446.3742.4aa0) with reason (Cred Fail) on Inter...

Hashen by Level 1
  • 9 replies
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Hello Cisco WLAN Community,we are struggling here using a new 9800-L-C HA-Anchor WLC running 17.3.4 for guests in our hospital.The Foreign WLCs are 2 5520-WLcs and 1 9800-80.During peek-times we see around 3000+ users on this box. But suddenly, the w...

Gehrig_W by Level 1
  • 11 replies
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Hi,I have a WLC 9800 on Firmware OS : 17.9.319 APs and 100 Clients Everything looks normal, but there are reports that the CPU utilization rate is too high. The problem is only 7th core. Has anyone encountered the same problem as me. What should I do...

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Hi everyone, I have C9800 17.09.04a and C9120AXI-E with 802.11r enabled but in some case the clinet doesn't work correctly,instead to use the FT works with normal roaming (eap and 4WH). Devices Dell and HP. someone can help me?

cla7109 by Level 1
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Hi,we are running 9800 CL for some time now and have issues with PSK SSIDs. We have couple of them and the same issue appears on all of them despite slighly different configuration. The issue I see on DNAC for those clients is always like this:Detail...

sroic by Level 1
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Resolved! 1300 Bridge ??

I have got a question about the Cisco Aironet 1300 Series Outdoor Access Point/Bridge with Integrated Antenna. Can I use this model to be used outside. In other words mounted on the roof top where it is exposed to rain, sun, lightning etc. We have to...

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