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eap and vlan matter

Hi, we have an access-point 1100 with 3 vlan:- native vlan 1- vlan 20 (for ssid x)- vlan 40 (for ssid y)and eap with ACS radius.Does the access-point use the native vlan or the vlan 20/40 during the eap process ?Thank you in advancegreatingsRenato

use wireless bridge to backup fiber links?

Hi, we have two sites (flat network) linked up by one fiber.Now the customer plans to use wireless bridge to backup it.They plan to put two pair of wireless bridges for some reason.Can we use normal spanning tree for this redundency setup? i.e. norma...

zhichao by Beginner
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PEAP VLAN With Great Instability

Hello,I have a network running PEAP for user authentication and dynamic WEP keys generation (AP1231G, ACS 3.3 and Windows 2000 Certificate Services). All users are Windows XP or Windows 2000, with Aironet and non-Aironet Wireless cards.Regardless the...

leonidas by Beginner
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AP Authentication to the WDS failed

Hi,I am getting this message on one of my AP's. I have 3 setup already, one acting as a WDS. But this one AP keeps giving me this message. I even went so far as to copy the config down from one of the working AP's, changed the name and IP in the c...

millerlw by Beginner
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Ap Local Mac database

Greetings,In my wireless system I have 3 Cisco 1100 access points with the same SSID. I'm using Mac authentication only, and I have several different users. In each AP the Mac local database changes. For example user A and B can associate access poin...

EAP-FAST and local authenticator

Hi,is it possible to configure EAP-FAST using the local authenticator RADIUS on AP ??? Is there a docs link on CCO ???I've tried to setup the scenario... the PAC from the Local Radius Server is received by the ACU client, but then when it starts the ...

oguarisco by Participant
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Aironet 1200 will not reset to defaults.

I am using an Aironet 1200 AP. I set an IP policy to block port 80 on the wireless side however it blocked me out too. I have tried to do a reset but it will not reset. I have also tried telnet but it will not connect that way either. Does anybody ...

LEAP with machine authentication? Any hints

HelloI have a strange behavior in my lab. I use an ACS 3.3.1 which is installed on Win2000 AD-server. The ACS use the ms-database for wireless user authentication. Every time, before I get the gina windows, the Wireless clients tries first to authent...

bbsm and nat

hi all,if i don't use transparent proxy isa (because i don't want to loose https fonctionality)can bbsm nat internal private addresses?thanks

a.diot by Beginner
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fast roaming

i am wondering if there is an ap setting that i am missing. i have configured mobility groups with the wlsm, i have all of the aps authenticating and for my initial tests i have hard coded ip addreses. i have done the walkabout surveys with the wlse ...

pam by Beginner
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AP1232AG-A-K9 - Buy Antennas Separately?

I was attempting to installed a 1200 series AIR-AP1232AG-A-K9, the unit has a 2.4G and 5G antenna base and a spot to add antennas. The other WAP's I have installed from Cisco always had an antenna included. When I installed it and configured some w...

jsherosky by Beginner
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1310 bridge upgrade to 12.3(2)JA

Hi, I've upgraded 8 1310 bridges from 12.2(15)JA to 12.3(2)JA using the following CLI command: "archive download-sw /overwrte /reload tftp://xx.xx.xx.xx/c1310-k9w7-tar.123-2.JA2.tar". The upgrades seem to work fine, however, when I do a "show ver" an...

kodanig by Beginner
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