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what happened if I got message from my AP350 LOG as following:Network Bridge Loop: Received packet from Self destined to [AWC Mcast AP-Only]014096ffff00 on port "fec0" and How can I slove this problems? THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP

I've read that the Aironet 1100 isn't supposed to be a DHCP server. However, I have two laptops with wireless capability and when I turn them on they connect wirelessly and get an IP address in the 169.254.147.x series with no default gateway.Our ne...

klong98 by Level 1
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Without the use of a server, what is the most secure way of protecting your WLAN? Aside from non-broadcast SSID, 128-WEP, MAC-filter, and Open key. I’ve heard rumors that you can use LEAP, without a server, but I don’t understand where the user dat...

fpineda by Level 1
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Hello,I am trying to speed up the amount of time it take for a WLAN client using PEAP with OTP to authentication the WLAN.Currently, it can take up to 2 minutes before a user is prompted to authenticate. Is there any way of speeding this up?I know o...

a.mayat by Level 1
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I can not associate with the repeater unless the repeater is associated with the root , The repeater associates with the root for some times and then disconnect , it is not stable and I can not associate to see whats going on . even when the repeate...

n-khouri by Level 1
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I upgrade a test AP to the new code of IOS for the Aironet 1200s. Before the upgrade we were using LEAP for authentication and it worked fine. With the upgrade, I can not get LEAP to work. We are using Cisco ACS 3.1 for our Radius servers. I beli...

c.tenley by Level 1
  • 4 replies
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We have a 1220 AP with the A-band modular card and the b-band mini-pci card. Can you assign each SSID a different name in the same unit? In the setup guide for a dual band AP, they are both called "tsunami" by default. I want each band to be recognis...

e.maloney by Level 1
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Hello,i try to connect xp client with ap350 acs 3.2 and aceto the network.When i try to connect to the network ,get on the acs3.2 the error msg ,,external db authen.failed,,.For every help thanks a lot.Harald

h-koch by Level 1
  • 2 replies
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Hello,I need to know if Cisco is officially supporting Aironet 350 client firmware 5.20.17 with DOS drivers. The software seletor tool shows 4.25.30 as official for DOSAs far as I know firmware 5.20.17 is official only for Windows versionsNot even Li...

gilmo by Level 1
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dear memberswhich AP will support hotstandby feature, i want to provide a second AP as a backup.any details would be very usefullthanks and waiting for the solutionregard

I have questions about WGB350. Is the WGB350 supported for PEAP?- If yes, does it work with Active Directory?Are there plans, for the WGB350 to develop further?- new SW versions, IOS?Regards.Marcel

m.waelti by Level 1
  • 2 replies
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