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I am unable to access my AP.I have checked my com port and put the same com port in putty but here is nothing showing except black command prompt.Also checked below point Baud rate: 9600Flow control: disabledCharacter side:8Stop bits: 1 


Resolved! AP not joining WLC

Hello to everyone,I am basically just a beginner in networking, currently i am trying to join Cisco 3702 to joing WLC 2504I have reseted it to rommon mode, uploaded rcvk image, it booted, after booting, it joined WLC, downloaded new image from WLC, w...

Majlo97 by Beginner
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We are to migrate WLC from AireOS to 9800. but we are getting an issue on the delay the client is getting an IP. The setup is WLC with dot1x authn and ISE posture. the comparison is when using 9800, it takes 10seconds longer on the posture assessment...

ppnlr by Beginner
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Hello,I have AIR-CT5520-K9, with AP 9115 series. I have 2 questions; how could I totally enable WIFI 6 features, and if enabled, would that impact current connected users on WIFI 5 or 4?Thank you

Hello friends,our Base network team has started recently to apply nice QoS policy map rules on switch-ports in this big hospital.Honestly I have not much knowledge in that area, but it looks like they want to prioritize voice  (Skype for Business) an...

Gehrig_W by Beginner
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I upgraded my virtual Catalyst 9800 WLC to software version 17.09.04a without any issues. I rebooted the controller and all access points rejoined back to the controller. After the upgrade was completed I next tried to install the ap service pack fil...

Hi We facea problem with LAP1042N terminals, which suddenly try to register a bad controller after running normally.They are on a 2500 controller and we have installed a C9800-CL to migrate to new access points on site.The addition of new terminals i...

Hi All,I am creating a test bed using IOS-XE Wireless controller C9800-L and C9120. I want to provide PoE to C9120 using port TwoGigabitEthernet0/0/0 of C9800-L but unable to find any documentation to enable PoE on C9800-L. I remember commands like "...

Resolved! AIR-LAP1262N-A-K9

Hello there. I have this access point  AIR-LAP1262N-A-K9, and it is autonomous and i want to convert in lightweight but i can not find the ios. Please how can i download anywhere ? 

Goku31 by Beginner
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