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I do RF Surveys for the Oil industry and one of my customers is going to have 5 APs coverage areas overlap. Cisco advises to use CH. 1, 6 and 11. This gives me only 3 overlaps. I am looking for information about the use of more than 3 overlaps. A...

Following tool does not work (v0.3)with the Cisco aironet series, but will probably do so in the future...http://www.netstumbler.comThe have i nice FAQ and some other information that might be of interest.Regards /Daniel

dseid by Level 1
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Hi,My company is exploring wireless dial-up i.e. wireless version of modem dial-up. Pls advise if there's any commercial product to filfill the objective.Tks.Regards

casenyap by Level 1
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I just deployed a WLAN for a customer whose using preexisting Apple Airport cards (which I believe are rebadged Lucent Silver cards). I set the 350 Series APs to emulate a plain-vanilla 802.11b AP.The Apple ibook can see network servers & printers (...

I have an cisco 3640 and i install the NM-1E2W,but when i install the wic-2t doesn't reconized the router doesn't reconized serial ports just ethernet port,this is the message that i recieved,when it boots %QUICC-1-UNKNOWN_WIC: Quicc(3), wic card has...

galpizar by Level 1
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I have two PBXs in two buildings about 100 yards from each other with a good line of sight. How can I link the two phone systems using a radio solution. Ther are only 16 users at the smaller of the two buildings.What is the best technology?

chris.cox by Level 1
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I have a customer looking to deploy a WLAN. His users are distributed over 3 VLANs. He would like to have his users be able to roam throughout the WLAN, and still retain their VLAN assignments.We thought we could do this via dynamic VLAN ports, but s...

I have used a GSM wireless connection for the last two years to access our local traffic camera system from my commercial vehicle. The information from the trafficams has proven to be very useful for enroute planning. At 9.6 K download speed it has...

thetaxi by Level 1
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