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Cisco wIPS deployment

We have planned to deploy the Cisco wIPS deployment and below is the setup. PI + Cisco MSE (3355 virtual)+ 2504 wlc (7.6 sw)+ 38xx series AP We wanted your suggestion on the WLC model. 2504 WLC can be compatible with the MSE wIPS monitor mode AP solu...

85MR6 Interim Build Availability

Greetings,   We are happy to announce the first refresh of 8.5MR6 Beta Program for PRODUCTION deployments. is the first, qualified Beta Image and is fully BU supported. After previous 8.5MR5 CCO, this program is focused on hardening the so...

CMX Location Accuracy Test not collecting Samples

Hi there, I want to use CMX 10.6 to perform Location Accuracy Test on my static clients but when I run the test, I see that CMX shows "Sample collected: 0". Can someone please address why that is happening and CMX is not able to collect samples for l...

TH09 by Beginner
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WLC 2504 FUS Upgrade

Hello all,I want to upgrade WLC 2504 and I have the output below.Bootloader Version....................1.0.20Field Recovery Image Version..............1.0.0Firmware Version......................PIC 16.0From the bootloader version it seems that it is ...

TheoKar by Beginner
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Best way to move backup ISE VM

Hello,We have 2 x ISE VMs.  I want to move the backup ISE VM from our remote datacenter to our new one and when is happy their talking to the primary VM make it the primary one. I've been looking in ISE and on the WLC (2 x 5508's) and I'm a little lo...

Resolved! Cisco WLC 2504 issue after restart.

 Hello All,My WLC 2504 doesn't show the WLAN Profile name after restart the hardware; so none of the APs are able to join the WLC. The issue started with the version; so I tried to upgrade to version and still the issue persists. ...

cleetusant by Beginner
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Testing MIMO capabilities

Hello there, How do I test MIMO? What are some of the ways to test it showing that its working and capture some results showing why it is useful.Want to capture some before and afters of MIMO and capture some performance results of AP's without MIMO ...

TH09 by Beginner
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Cisco Mobility Express MESH connection speed

Has anyone tried the MESH feature in the latest version of mobility express?  I have tried this with 1852/1815/2800/3880 APs and the MAP only use single channel to connect to RAP no matter how I configure MESH. Is this by design/limitation/bug or the...

Cisco wireless Android app

With the latest versions of WLC and ME firmware upgrade, the authentication to Cisco wireless Android app is no longer possible.  Does anyone know if Cisco plans to fix this?  This app was really cool to use when it worked. Thanks,

Damged WLC License transfer

Dear All, My WLC is recently damaged and not accessible and when i checked I found it out of RMA Coverage  so I was wondering if there is a way to transfer my license from the old controller to the newly purchased one.  

MABUZAID by Beginner
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