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AP & Channel List on AirOs

Good Morning (in my part of the word)!I have 5520 controllers on 8.5.  I'd like a list of APs and what channels they are on.  I can;t find this anywhere in the controller or Prime Infrastructure.  I can write a script to brute force this one AP at a ...

WLC 5520 captive portal

Can a 5520 controller present its own guest authentication captive portal for client auth without needing to use the likes of ISE to present the portal?  The WLC would still use Radius to auth the entered credentials.

jmcgrady1 by Beginner
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Resolved! 1562e outdoor mesh max distance

Hello we need to cover an outdoor area with mesh access points and we are considering using 1562e with directional antennas. Question: where can I find the estimated maximum distance between the RAP and MAP (no client access)?  The app that will use ...

mnkojima by Beginner
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Interesting bug. It is listed as an open caveat on latest 9800 and 8500 code. Workaround is to disable OFDMA but supposedly just affects MS Teams? I'm suspicious it's a bigger problem than documented.https://bst.cloudapps.cisco.com/bugsearch/bug/CSCw...

wizi by Beginner
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Resolved! Guest Wifi setup not working

I have setup an inface called DNT-Guest on port 2. Port 2 to a cisco switch that is configured for Vlan 109.I have tested DHCP on a laptop on the switch port which does assign the correct ip address ranng. I Also created a DNT-Guest network under wla...

orlguerra by Beginner
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Resolved! AIR-CAP3602I not joining WLC2504

Hi there, I am trying to join a few WAP to a 2504WLC, and one of the first I tried is just not working. AP model is 3602I, WLC is 2504 running on I won't be able to upgrade the firmware as I also have some LAP1131 and LAP1142 that need to ...

ralfzlm by Beginner
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WCS/WLC and Wii

All, I am on a University campus where we allow students to plug in there game consoles into our network for online gaming. We recently purchased a WCS solution from Cisco and deployed it this summer. The students coming to campus have brought in the...

jrieman by Beginner
  • 14 replies
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Cisco Prime 3.9 Job failing

I have tried this prime job without the mode enable and with both fail. I get an improper usage on mode enable error on one and a unrecognized error for the wait command  for the other. Both are formatted the same except the #MODE_ENABLE parts. <IP> ...

Resolved! Radius of coverage wifi

Hi,Can you please send me the radius of coverage of the following model: CISCO modèle AIR-AP2802E-E-K9 for exterior use?If it is less than 50m, can you send me pls the model of the one that ensures 50m as coverage?Awaiting your prompt answer.Thank yo...

JMSA by Beginner
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