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Hello! Customer is replacing a 2504 with two 3504 in HA. Also replacing APs 1702i with 2802i. For faster migration, software version was kept the same,'s configuration was uploaded via GUI and converted using TAC's WLC Config Converter a...

I'm installing a 1562E with an ANT2513 however I cannot find how to change the AP to use 2.4GHz on ports 1 and 2 then 5GHz on ports 3 and 4 which appears to be a requirement for this antenna. Running 8.5.161 code currently.

aohareuri by Level 1
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WLC4402/4404 firmware images? This WLC is EOL and thus images are no longer available from Cisco. My lab WLC has 7.0.240 code and was hoping you may have something newer. I got my hands on a couple of 3600 series APs for my lab, but this AP is only s...

Hello,I have a wireless network built with Cisco WLC 5520 (in HA), AP 3702 and AP 3802. WLC is running code are placed in the bldg. considering user density and after a proper site survey. Distance between APs is not more than 15m.When ...

Is there any document related to rogue accesspoint management and is rogue AP containment consider as best practise also what is the best practise for 802.11b,g,n,ac thoughput setting. 1 to 11 mbps should be dsiabled and for n nd ac 7mpbs should be d...

Hello Experts, Here is my scenario:I have two Radius server(Cisco ISE) installed in my company and all corporate clients are authenticating via these RADIUSE server using EAP-TLS. Now due to office 365, we have few new clients which dont have our com...

Spoiler  Hi Dears,  I have a problem with AP Air-CAP2602e-e-K9  I can't access it via console, and these symbols are appearing. Kindly note that the AP is in standalone mode. 

Hello guys!How can I identify which FUS is running on WLC 2504?Is it version or version know it's one of two versions, but how do I identify which one?The documentation does not make it clear! (Cisco Controller) >show sysinfoManufac...

danibqb01 by Level 1
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Hi everyone,I am approaching the DNA world for the first time. In particular, I am studying for a non-fabric WiFi DNA topology easy to expand with flexconnect in the brunch sites and guest wifi.I wanted to ask what is the added value of Prime and if ...

f.dip by Level 1
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