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Using Cisco AP1532E as WGB with image ap1g3-k9w7-mx.153-3.JK7. From time to time some WGBs disconnect from the uplink APs. hhappens only when the mobility device is not moving and parked close to the one of the uplink APs.  Coverage is excellent. The...

Hi We have setup WLC as showing in drawing below; DHCP (  on wlc, and this is working fine with DMLZ Area. and we have issue when we want to add new segment in GBC area with segment client in GBC tenant AP still get s...

dyunanda by Level 1
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I recently installed 117 9166 Aps for a client in a flex environment.  Most came up perfectly but 10 did not.  They are doing the following. They find and reach the 9800-40 fine and then this happens AP IPv4 Address updated from to

JTRorick by Level 1
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Hi ExpertsRecently we encounter an interesting issue. The below is network designEnd user --> AP -->   WLC 9800  (DHCP) --> Gateway (Cluster vip .1, active ip .2) --> Internet                                               |                           ...

117222400_2-1705623824739.png 117222400_1-1705623809075.png
117222400 by Level 1
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I have WLC 5508 .I starting upgrade  it  to AIR-CT5500-K9-8-5-151-0.aes and  i downloading AIR-CT5500-AP_BUNDLE-K9-8-5-151-0.aes .after downloading to WLC I was reboot device .Now AP still continuse downloading Image and restart .How I can solve this...

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