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I have what would appear to be a simple lan to lan vpn.I have enabled: sysopt connection permit-ipsec.The remote site works as expected - without the use of any access-list assigned to the inside interface for vpn traffic.The local site will not oper...

craigmc24 by Beginner
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Hello everyone I've read several post on theis forum regarding MAC Flapping in a Wireless Network but I haven't seen anything regarding Mobility Express and a single router with ethernet switch modules. When the issue occurs it causes some clients to...

Hi all we have an ME deployment with two1852i  now we bought 4x C9115AXI-EWC-E   can you tell me if its better to create the Ewc new deployment and then join 1852i as “members” of the new “cluster”? ( assuming upgrade to 8.10 on the ME)  Are they com...

beconnect by Beginner
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Hello all,I have a 9800-cl 17.9.3 in use and have a problem with the dot11k roaming list.I am missing an access point in the roaming list.Output neighbor scan of the AP "WZ-AP":687d.b419.714f (BM-AP) 1 140 20 -57687d.b419.06af (TE-AP) 1 116 20 -67687...

mwaibel by Beginner
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Dear team,I have read different opinions, however, I have not found a consistent answer.According to the documents of Cisco. It is mandatory to have a DNA Center appliance in order to deploy the Cisco embedded WLC on a 9300 Switch. My scenario is the...

Hello Team,Please find the issue, users are facing wifi disconnection while connected to corporate ssid.There is centralised wlc  and all other location AP's associated with this wlc and fast transition is enabled in wlan.And the roaming issue is wit...

Anjana A by Beginner
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My question is what exactly is Interference Energy ? What is the difference between Interference Energy the first measurement and Interference the last measurement in the mesaage below. Thanks for any explanationsAP 'AP.REJB.457', interface '802.11b/...

tsennett by Beginner
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There are two modes in Flex-connect deployments and these modes are: connected mode and standalone mode.when APs lose connection to the Controller, the APs will run Standalone mode.  However, some AP devices can join the controller, but others cannot...

ntlong3 by Beginner
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I have a strange issue with certain clients on our Guest SSID.  We have centralized 5520 WLC and 9800-CL controllers.  9800's are VM's used only for anchoring Guest traffic.  We have 2 separate data centers and have sites split between them geographi...

JWC929 by Beginner
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Hi All ,I test AP9136 with WLC 9800-40 but I found the 5Ghz Slot 2 Admin Disable and 6Ghz Radio Operation Status down . For Policy Tag / Site Tag / RF Tag , I already configure not use default configuration . Please advise me . 

jewfcb001 by Enthusiast
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