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Could anyone confirm whether CCXv4 or below support WPA2/AES? The link below seems to elude to the fact that only CCXv5 supports this feature   https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/wireless-mobility/wireless-lan-wlan/116493-technote-technology-...

John5mith by Beginner
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Hi,   Im wondering about my 2 WLC526's. One is 2 port, while my 2nd one has 12ports. But one has only the 2port cut out, and the other one neatly has the 12.   the 12ports has a faulty CF card, (installed with ubuntu something) if i swap the CF of th...

Hello, I am trying to establlish AP SSO HA between two WLC which are located between geographically different DC (within the same city), and the DC are connected bya 2 x 10Gb/s port-channel. So latency is not an issue. When I enable SSO on Standby W...

Hi Each AP has default username and password. but it looks like after AP joins WLC, the default password does not work any more when logon to the AP via console. or we cannot logon to it at all after joining? Thank you

wfqk by Contributor
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Hi,   as per 2700 datasheet we should use Cisco AP2700 power injectors (AIR-PWRINJ4=) it is EOL by Cisco now, could anyone of you please help me to find an alternate power injectors for 2702i AP's Thanks  

kiran by Beginner
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I need some clarification on configuring web filtering using Umbrella on Guest Network. I read a document with configurations on Umbrella, WLC, and ISE. But I'm not sure what configurations are applied on foreign controller and what configuration are...

Hi this is my environment wlc 8520 with release 8.2.166, i receive the following error in GUI   Blocked:Cannot view/modify the controller configuration while standby wlc is rebooting. Please try after a few minutes.     this happened to someone ??

Augustgood by Beginner
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Hi Guys,   I am planning to enable client access on the mesh radio ( 5 Ghz) for 1550 Access Points but I’m looking to get feedback from anyone who’s implemented it. Any caveats, ‘gotchas’ or other things I should know about?   Thanks  

hi, i'm always consulted on various cisco AP model on their cell coverage area/distance (AP to client). for example, i've checked 1550 outdoor AP is around 300 m/1000 ft. is there a website or link that gives a list of all cisco APs together with its...

HI, i thinking to buy cisco 881W router for 90-100 users including Wi-Fi and LAN so should we terminate two different ISP (internet) on same router or not?

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