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I would like send an ACL from ISE to the cisco 5760 controller, What is the parameter to be set to send AAA override ACL to the 5760 controller from ISE.   Thanks Nikhil

Hi,   On this diagram, the antenna is at the center of the circle. The strongest signal is at the outer ring. The signal strength attenuates as it travels, then why the signal strength at '3' is weaker than '1'? Isn't '3' is closer to the antenna? I ...

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 1.58.15 PM.png

I purchased a Cisco Aironet 3802 AIR-AP3802I-B-K9. I have a 3750G Switch that is POE. I know it is not POE+, but I was wondering if the Aironet 3802 will work with the 3750G switch until I get a new switch to upgrade to POE+. Will it be sufficient to...

Hi everyone,I have a couple of 3702 AP's which have started rebooting a few days ago and are not joining the WLC (8510 running They were fine before.MAX number AP supported is 6000, and 3402 are currently joined.In the few seconds they st...

Feds by Beginner
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Hello,   do you think, that it is security risk to make static nat from private IP to public IP ? Anyone can access to this public address. Allowed protocols will be  https, ftp, smtp, pop3, imap.   Thank you      

Jaro by Beginner
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Hello freinds   i have below questions pls , with regard to Cisco Aironet: 1600 with IOS 15.3.3-JC , I cant find the below command but available on 3502 model capwap ap controller ip address <controller ip address>       2.) i want to disable the con...

Hi...I am using Cisco WLC 4404 and Ciso Aironet 1200 series. I have configure many SSIDs various security policies like [WPA2][Auth(802.1X)], [WPA + WPA2][Auth(PSK)] Web-AuthWEP MAC FilteringI can connect to any of the SSID. But after I connected, I ...

lzakariya by Beginner
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Hi Experts,   We have set up 5520 with HA and a 2504 as an anchor controller for guest access. Do I have to connect the OEAP 1810 on the 5520 or on the anchor controller? My colleague is suggesting to connect the OEAP in the anchor controller with a ...

mcaoile by Beginner
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please can someone tell me some about wireless lan controller.  1. when we connect one AP threw Switch how it send request to WLC in both , i mean L2 and L3 . please can you tell me full information regarding this....

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