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Wireless Camera connecting to AP

Hi All, I have run a debug on our WLC as I have a camera which won't connect to our SSID for it. It used to work fine. It is a password protected SSID. Camera - MAC = 00:27:22:a6:93:7d Does the debug output indicate anything obvious? *dot1xMsgTask...

GRANT3779 by Frequent Contributor
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Cisco 887w Service module unaccessible

I am trying to configure the wireless part on the cisco 887w router. I am unable to enter the service module. I tried searching for answers in this forum, every answer is related to configuring the service module part, not related to accessing t...

Cisco ISE User Authentication

I have configured Cisco ISE 2.1 with WLC 8.2. When i logged in first time with any self registration account it logged in successfully via web authentication, but on next login it didn't redirect to web authentication it directly logged in.  i want t...

LAG between AP2802I and 3850

I try to test etherchannel mode "ON" on 3850 connect to AP2802I ethernet port and AUX port. the etherchannel on 3850 is up normally but traffic aren't balance to port. Who are test LAG between AP2802I and C3850 ? It's Works ?

SPKV by Beginner
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Roaming between AP Groups on same controller

Hi experts, I have the following WLAN setup: - 3 WLC's - 10 floors - 10 IP-subnet, subnet per floor - 10 AP-Groups Floor 0    AP_GROUP_0     SUBNET_0      WLC1 Floor 1    AP_GROUP_1     SUBNET_1      WLC2 Floor 2    AP_GROUP_2     SUBNET_2      WL...

diondohmen by Beginner
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Outdoor LTE antenna options

I'm using a Cisco 1941 router and want to use an external LTE outdoor antenna. It appears quite simple actual but what I don't understand is why the Cisco Product Configuration doesn't have an option for a "mast mount outdoor omni-directional antenna...

Multicast Group delay issue

I recently setup a Voice WLAN for customer that are going to use Vocera badges on their network. The issue we are facing is when one of the Vocera badges initiates a call we can see the badge is joining the multicast group immediately but we are not ...

wlc5508 ver8.0.140 cann't open the http://x.x.x.x/portal_login.html ,it's 404 error?

hi guys, i had got a problem. my wlc is 5508 ,  config as a External Web Authentication Work with an External protal Page, it‘s all right when wlc ver is 8.0.110 but i upgrade it to ver 8.0.140,i find it that my protal server cann’t post username and...

can't access vWLC GUI from PC, but can ping

Hi experts,  I met a problem in my wireless lab.  My virtual WLC is configured with IP address, vlan 14, gw From PC, I can ping 7.7.14.x (gw and wlc)at the first time. Then I try to access WLC GUI from PC but failed. The strange...

Yi Hua Dai by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! Anchored SSID

Hello, We have a couple of corporative Wireless LAN Controller (WLC 5508). They are used for corporative purposes. Now we have added an anchor controller (WLC 2504) located in the DMZ in order to offer guest access. We anchored two SSIDs. The first o...

Configuration procedure of CISCO WLC 2504

We need your support to solve CISCO  Wi-Fi related problem  of one of our valuable customer.  As per requirement of our customer, certificate authentication (CA) will be done in WLC through active directory and this authentication process  will be co...

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