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Hey there,I am glad Cisco is supporting RHEL 7, but RHEL 8 has been released and the obvious question is:Will Cisco AMP gets an Endpoint for this?Also there were some rumors Cisco is working on an Ubuntu compatible version. As RHEL 8 is using Kernal ...

ciccero by Beginner
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I am trying to install Packet Tracer 7.2.1. I am getting error "Floating point exception (core dumped)". I am using Linux Mint 19.2.Installation shows successful but after that if I try to launch the PT, it shows the user login screen. Once I type th...

Good morning, I was reaching out to see if anyone had ever had the issue I'm having before, and/or if they might know of a workaround. I have a user that requires a closed caption service, as I have a Cisco environment, the best that I had found was ...

I have 2 questions.  Our Administrator resigned the agency and no one knows how to operate the back end of this phone system.1 - When an employee leaves, how do you access the company directory to change the name associated with a desk phone?2 - When...

dMh2103 by Beginner
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