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SP is using SIP REFER for conference calls. Is there a document that discusses using REFER as the method for conference calling for CME SIP Trunk. CME is rejecting the call as an unaccepted method.   Current setup is  CME <--> Audicode SBC <--> Servi...

Hello,   I need to know if it's possible, when migrating from Jabber IM Only to Jabber Full UC(with Voice/Video), to keep its existing buddy list and Contacts Groups ?   Thanks in advance for your help, I ask the question because I have no way to tes...

On a Win7 x64 client, the user remotes into her office PC.  As a result, the audio settings for speaker and microphone are changed from her settings to the "default" -- desktop speakers and no microphone.  Is there a way to fix this?UC v8.6.

mcase by Level 1
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