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ASAv vs ASA 1000v

Can the ASA 1000v be deployed alone or does it require nexus 1000v switch?What are major differences between ASAv and ASA 1000v and what use cases are most appropriate for each ?

alaarrud by Cisco Employee
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Unable to ping Gateway from VM hosts

Friend,    I have an VM setup , in which an blade is connected to Nexus 7K switch. VM1 and VM2 are in the same subnet. VM1 and VM2 are able to ping each other, but unable to ping from VM1 & VM2 to gateway or from Nexus switch to VM1 & VM2. Kindly pro...

jpeeris by Cisco Employee
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Nexus 5600 ERSPAN to 6504

We have a pair of 6504's in VSS Mode connected to pair of Nexus 5600's in VPC mode.  We have Nexus 2000 Fex's connected to the 5600's.  All of our data center access switches and client access closet switches are also connected to the core.  I've att...

amercer00 by Contributor
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