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Resolved! How to change default TCP (ssh) port number 22 in cucm 11.5

Hello all, I am using CUCM 11.5 and I want to change the default SSH port from 22 to another number as all the other servers in our organization have different ssh port numbers for security reasons. How can I change the default ssh port number in CUC...

Resolved! CUCM 12.0 smart licensing

Since the customer deployed SSM on-pre, we need to change the register on CUCM. But I am not sure what is the URL we need to enter on Transport Gateway. Every time I enter the token, it is saying timeout, I have attached the screenshot. SSM on-pre we...

communication timeout.PNG


 Hi guys;   I have one cluster CUCM with 11.5 version All the Ip Phone registered to CUCMi Configured SRST reference and added to Device poolwhen CUCM is Down all 78XX and 88XX  ip phone registered to SRST Router,But when CUCM is goes UP again Dose n...

GUI of CUE not accessible

Hello,I rebooted a CUE and now the GUI is not accessible, the browser says "Unable to connect". I tried to reboot the CUE another 2 times but the problem still shows up. At the moment the CUE is accessible only via CLI by command "service-module ism ...

RFC_2549 by Beginner
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Inband Transcoding Question:

We are using inband dtmf for some of our SIP endpoints, which won't work with Cisco Unity.   We tried to inject some hardware transcoders but it doesn't appear to work.   My first question is,  can you transcode an inband dtmf tone to out of band?  I...

philjaeger by Beginner
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