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TFTP image downloading HTTP failed. HTTPReadRequest Timeout signal



I'm developing a 3rd party application to push custom backgrounds to phones.

I have a problem with one of them, with the Cisco 7945G Model.


When I push an XML request to the phone, it tries to download the given background from tftp by 6970 port during 2,5 minutes and then it returns the following error:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<type> InvalidURL</type>
<data> Http Failed </data>


Other phones download the same background with no problem.


What is interesting, this phone successfully downloads pictures of small size (less then 32 kbytes approximately).

One more interesting point that this phone also able to download large background from tftp during 2 minutes after the power cycle (after manual removing of cable from the device). But it does not work after general restart or reset (even after the hard reset).


Cisco Tftp Service at this point writes the following logs:


The logs were not really helpful for me, google search gives me no success.

Full logs are in the attachment (fail example and success one immediatly after the power cycle).


Thank you for any help!


p.s. The phone downloads images by HTTP from the Internet directly also with no problems.

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