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Hi all experts.If an ISP has a customer with 200 branches, and that customer wants all his branches to be provided layer 2 connectivity, means it wants a full mesh at layer 2 just like ethernet, so that there is no need for Tunnels and the client is ...

Jonn cos by Level 4
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We have layer2 AToM working in our lab:CE-2941--to--PE-2811--------PE-3825--to--CE-2941question is:how does one configure one point-to-point PE layer2 tunnel that does not require the same VLAN tagging for the CE's VLAN, or different CE non-tagged VL...

Hi my problem is DR flapping basically DR changes from one PE to another, in my current environment I have about 8 PE so recently I see this log messages. This is effecting muticast traffic.  Jun 14 09:01:38.758 MY: %PIM-5-NBRCHG: neighbor

khaleel80 by Level 1
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Hi All,          I am working with an MPLS VPN in a Hub and Spoke fashion but hindered by a configuration on the HUB PE.All the configuration at the three sites are well understood, with the exception of a config on the HUB PE, which configures a vrf...

Hello,I have a Problem with one PE using Cisco 7206VXR (NPE-G2), The PE only reboot automatically, The following log in PE during and after reboot, Whatwhat causes this problem occurs ? We already replace device the PE using the same type of router b...

Hello,I have a problem with EoMPLS when i'm trying to config the tunnel between 2 PE ciscoThe schema is simpleCE1 - (gi3/12) PE1 --- (cloud MPLS ) --- PE2 (gi 3/8) - CE2PE1 : 6504 IOS s72033-advipservicesk9_wan-vz.122-33.SXI4.binPE2 : 7604 IOS c7600s...

I am thinking I would need a couple of VWIC2-2MFT-T1/E1's?I have two routers where I need to purchase some sort of T1  module that can terminate a connection for MPLS.  All things being equal I guess  I’d like to install a module that can support two...

Hello,i used 3 CEs and 2 PEs, build a hub and spoke MPLS VPN topology as follow, two the overlapped addresses reside separately in VPN1 of R1 and VPN2 of R2. But traffic initiated by from VPN1 toward VPN3 was always re...

I have the following topology:R1--------R2=======R3R2 has two paths to reach R3 (lets call one link as "main link" and other link as "bypass link")There is MPLS-TE tunnel configured from Headend(R1) to tailend(R3)This tunnel only has one path (strict...

ulatif by Level 1
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Hi guys,I am witnessing a stange behaviour on one of my PEs, which seems to be breaking all conventional norms for multicast routing. Any inputs in diagnosing the root cause of this issue will be of great help. Let me give you some backgroud info fir...

Hi all.We work on a Cisco7600 with SUP720-BXL.We need to create some VRF-Aware GRE Tunnels.Are there some limit to the number of GRE Tunnel interfaces ?What are the throughput performance expected ?Is there some impact to the CPU load ?Thank you very...

pbenin by Level 1
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i have a tough case. for it, the client wanna know the 3945 isr routers and 7204 series can support the L2 mpls???if yes, both of these  2 devices can also support the following protocol standard: CCC、Martini、Kompella, as well as VPLS????thx & b.rgs

yonxi by Level 1
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Dear all,We are using L3 VPN Hub and spoke topology with CE-PE protocol = EBGP. We have 12 spokes sites now we want to run OSPF over MPLS links by using GRE tunnels without IP Sec.If we use point to point GRE tunnels (in this case we have to make 12 ...

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