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MPLS and next-hop-self

Hi folks.I came across a strange configuration of a MPLS network...The network har two route-reflectors, and all PE's use the route-reflectors - so far it's OK, but... The route-reflectors has the next-hop-self set on all peers in the vpnv4 address-f...

HSRP malfunction on subinterfaces

I configured nine HSRP Groups with two Routers and two Catalyst 2960 Switches.Active Router: Cisco 7507, Standby Router: 7206 RouterOne Physical Interface FastEthernet0/0 was divided into nine subinterfaces.Catalyst 2960 Switches was configued 802.1q...

plumku by Beginner
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Resolved! Default route propagation in BGP

I have 3 routers in the same BGP cloud. R1 advertises a default route in BGP to PE1, and as such PE1 has a default route in the table for the VRF in question. I can see this on PE1 if i issue sh ip route vrf <vrf> R1 >> PE1 >> PE2This is not true of ...

dankennedy by Beginner
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Hi, is it possible to build a carrier supporting carrier MPLS network for a customer wanting to be able to provision separate vrf's at the edge, whilst also providing encryption with Group Encrypted transport inside the internal carrier cloud?

Size of ISIS level-2

We are redesigning a large enterprise network of 400-500 routers (2800, 7600, CRS-1) running flat EIGRP to MPLS/VPN/ISIS. Due to address plan and SDH topology, it is almost impossible to create a level-2 backbone with level-1 stub areas. From differe...

Resolved! Problems with BGP and MPLS

I have a provider edge router (PE) that is connected to a core router (core1) via eBGP. Core1 is connected to Core2 via IGP. A VRF was configured between PE and Core1 for a customer. We now have to extend that VRF to core2. When the configuration...

Bandwidth Test MPLS WAN Circuit between 2 WAN sites

Hi,I have an MPLS network and a circuit that is 1.5 Mbps. I do not believe that I am receiving the full 1.5 Mbps speed on my WAN circuit. I want to complete a test on my own to determine the bandwdith on this circuit. I want to make sure that I a...

mdargin by Beginner
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implicit null

hai experts, just now stepped into mpls world.i am refering the book "MPLS Fundamentals" by Luc De Ghein.In the implicit null portion the author states that " PHP is the default mode in cisco IOS.In case of ipv4 over mpls ,cisco ios only advertise t...

net flow with vrf

i use 2 vrfs. i configured net flow, and it sent but i didn't recieve. i used the same configuration on other router without vrfs - worked there another command to use net flow with vrfs? i have C3845-IPBASEK9-M.

ICMP msg sent in wrong routing instance

Scenario: We have a simple VRF setup running on a Cat4500 Sup IV. The global routing instance maintains multiple subnets and a default route to a PIX firewall. This is considered the secure inside. No dynamic routing is used.Next to that there is a V...

code that support MPLS-VPN over IP tunnel in 72xx

I am looking an image that support MPLS-VPN over IP tunnel in 7200. i know this technology is mainly supported 10700, and GSR, but i heard it can be supported also in 7200. Any suggestion or recomendation is greatly appericiated.Thanks,

libanm by Beginner
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L2TPv3 vs MPLS in the CORE....

Hi:Are there any real pros or cons with using L2TPv3 in the Core vs using MPLS?Why would one utilize L2TPv3 over MPLS in the core?Both work but what would be the deciding factors for an engineer to deploy on over the other.Thanks !!

rajju by Beginner
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Hi, We are configuring Cisco 6PE in our network as inrfc 4798 ( our configuration the CE is in our own IGP domain and there is a IPv6 BGP session between the CE and the 6PE who acts as a RR Server. Routes...

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