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                   Hi,                  I have a new 4506-E, power on the 1st time, got the message: !!![ BIST FAILED - TEST ABORTED ]!!!Power-on-self-test for Module 1: WS-X45-SUP6L-ETest Status: (. = Pass, F = Fail, U = Untested) CPU Subsystem Test...

viett by Level 1
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Hi,I am trying to find any tutorial, example, reference or whatever that helps me understand what I can do with TCL on the Catalyst 2960. Since it does not support EEM it seems to have a subset of the possibilities, however it is not clear to me what...

Hi,I hv lms 2.6, and currently facing some issues DCR. i would like to know is there any cli commands in lms by which i can (1) export the dcr using cli, since the gui is giving dcr communication error..regardssec-it

secureIT by Level 4
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I am trying to "harden" my network devices: - Cisco Catalyst 3750 (IOS Version 12.2(52)SE) - Cisco Catalyst 3550 (IOS Version 12.2(52)SE) - Cisco Catalyst 2960 (IOS Version 12.2(52)SE) - Cisco Catalyst 2950 (IOS Version 12.1(22)EA13) I found some doc...

Hello,Does anyone know how to perform a password recovery for ADE OS in LMS 4.2 on virtual appliance (installed using the ova file, not ISO)?I don't look for a password recovery for the LMS GUI, but for the ADE OS to which I forgot the password.I tri...

udid by Level 1
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Hi,I've installed LMS 3.2 with RME 4.3.After service start for a few days, the syslog collector stop unexpectedly.I can see the syslog.log file being updated but I can't see any syslog from report generator.Also I got no alarms from automated action....

Mason Tu by Level 1
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