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I am using archive tool to backup my config every month. And I was wondering if its possible to edit the time separator? If I use this tftp://$h-$t-config. I am getting an error "TFTP: error code 0 received - Bailing out to bad characters ...

Hi,I currently use an upgraded version of LMS 3.2 SP1 for 1.5K devices and I've managed to persuade the finance dept that I need to upgrade to 4.2.My question is regarding the upgrade process because I currently use a physical Windows server and need...

Hello,After changing to https mode, restart the daemon manager, Loging to https://MyNamei get redirected into:http://MyName:1741/cwhp/LiaisonServlet?command=coreBaseRegistration&coreid=39E56DAD3940489EFDE2E243F903B6A5&url=%2Fcwportal%2Fc%2Fportal%2Fl...

Hello,psu fails to install LibInventory(3.4.4), because:LibInventory(3.4.4):Consistency check failed for base package LibCommonThere is LibCommon3.2.1 and LibInventory3.4.1 currently installed.Cant find higher Libcommon in CCO.thx for hints, Steffen

Hi,I have upgraded the configuration of about 650 Cisco devices (catalyst switches, routers, ASA, VGxxx, etc.) so as to integrate a new AAA server (Cisco ACS 5.3). This AAA server is bound with an Active Directory Server (MS Windows Server 2008 R2) f...

DSI CHUN by Level 1
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Hello,I am trying to configure a cisco EEM applet so that I can send an snmp trap from the router whenever an interface drops output packets. I have below configuration on my router and I see counter "Total output drops" on the interface go up sporad...

Hello,Could anybody please explain why Windows Server 2008 is not a supported OS for Cisco Network Assistant?I am currently evaluating switch management solutions for use with Catalyst 2960 and 3750 series switches, and would like to be able to backu...

Ellerby01 by Level 1
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