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This started about last week; no changes have been made to any of the switches. We're a small business so not very many employees, but we're a TV station so we have multitudes of servers.Our Primary ISP is a 2gig by 2gig connection, same as our Secon...

MLIT by Level 1
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I have a couple of Cisco Firepowers that I can access thru SSH or the FDM, but I can't console to them?-Software version: 7.0.5-72-Configured with primary and secondary-Base license-Not using FMCCan someone tell me how to get console access? Thank yo...

DSterling by Level 1
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Resolved! EEM scripting help

I'm trying to have EEM script where I run the script manually and it display the output of the results in the session but for some reason I'm unable to do so. This is what I have so far(config)#event manager applet TestCommand(config-applet)# event n...

Sunny5 by Level 1
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Hello,Does anyone know if there is a way to log bgp routes updates? Obviously there is a way to see adjacencies changes, but I am needing to see route updates by logging so I can send the output to a Syslog server?CheersSteven

Helo SIRplease help me, I want to add a temperature switch graph to the cacti, how do I do it? how many OIDs do I need to add to the cacti? I use Cisco WS-C2960L-48TS-LL and C9300-48T-4X-E switches, thank you

Hi We are configuring cisco devices via python. and also trying to exploring with API. When using API, there are some connection issues which are not clear yet. So I would like to know what kinds of cisco device can support API. and how can we use AP...

Leftz by Level 4
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