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I am new to Cisco and ASA appliances. We have a 5505 that I have upgraded to 8.3 and am using ASDM 6.3 for setup. I have a SSL VPN running (not quite done with it yet), but I need to be able to allow PPTP to pass from outside thru the firewall to an ...

dzajonc by Beginner
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I am trying to deploy a set of commands to my devices and am running into some problems.If I configure a netconfig job for a single test device, I will get a failure.  While the job is processing, I can see the user account logging into the switch.  ...

Hi, One of my customers is running LMS and whenever they reload the server, it generates UDP 42342 traffic once a minute for a few days and then it stops. I'm assuming this is normal behaviour, but does anyone know what this traffic is for and is it ...

Hi,I am not getting syslog alerts from my CiscoWorks (LMS 2.6 & RME 4.0.5)It was working fine beofore, but since 3 days it stopped to  work.I checked the related services in server and all are looks fine (please find the attached file for the same).D...

I got this error for multiple devices even though the the devices archived correctly and current according to device center. but this error keep coming.  CM0055 Access permission denied for Cause: Device may be deleted or in suspended ...

I've been looking at the different options surrounding this upgrade and wanted toknow if there were any Gotchas I should watch out for.  I'm looking to do a remote upgrade by which I backup the existing data and migrate it to a new install on a new s...

rakbar by Beginner
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my dns admin asked if it was posible to have the routersuse windows dynamic dns feature.I wan't to get all my router interfaces into our companiesdns and the admin asked me if I could do this... I searchedand I saw some things on ddns and internet ty...

Hello,I am currently running CiscoWorks LMS 2.6 which contains CiscoView 6.1.5. (Build Id :NT_CVW6_1_5_INCR_UPDATE_20060901_0601)CiscoView works fine for all my nodes apart from my 6509s. When I try to access them i get the following error message:Me...

Resolved! Upgrade Frameware

I am a new user for LMS 3.2i have to issue to do but i don't know how1 - I want to Upgrade the Frameware of my switch from the LMS, there are any configurations needed on the Switch?? and how i can Upgraded them?2 - I want to Backup the Swtich config...

alouchi933 by Beginner
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