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Systemid user has been created on ACS  with full rights to all the lmsappls (all lmsappls has registered successfully also)... there's just 1 more step to  complete which is go to lms to *assign device group, however it keep  saying active session fo...

We have created a Gigabitethernet sub-interface on a router, But when removing this with command :-Router(config)#no int gig2/3.1It is not removed and still showing in interface list with "deleted" status (i.e  Gi2/3.1    deleted   down).Please share... by Level 1
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Hello,I have upgraded Ciscoworks LMS from 3.1 to 3.2Since the upgrade,  there's something strange...if a device doesnt respond (device availability) i receive an alert via email (wich is normal)after 5 min i should receive another mail for another vi...

desrochj1 by Level 1
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I would like to practice with Ciscoworks but on a virtualized network (router/switch simulator).  Can this happen and if so what simulator would you recommend?  gns3 seems to only be a router simulator and I'm mainly looking for a switching simulator...

Hello,I have configured the NAM to collects statistics on all layers of network traffic spanned to it, and i have already applied a mirroring from all VLANs that i have in my network to the NAM, but after the collection of traffic, I can not find the...

Due to New Corporate Security Policies, only 2 servers can access the routers and switches via SSH2 and Telnet.The Server that Cisco Works is running on, now can only access the routers and switches via SNMP v2 only.Network Devices are syslog'ing  to...

Hi!The costumer uses the LMS 3.2. We installed the latest upgrades ( CM,CMF, RME and device packages )After upgrade some inconsystency link appeared in L2 map.Please find atttached JPG file. There are somelink which connects multilink and fasteethern...