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Hello guys, would be thankfull if you can assist me with next thing. Network is consisting of 4 ''branches'' which all need to be in same vlan, and every branch need to close in circle with main L3 switch. There are two large (~15 industrial L2 switc...

stzeljko by Level 1
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Hello,using packet tracer, i was trying to set the duplex of some interfaces both router and and switch but i keep get that invalid input sign(^) under the "d" in the word "duplex". Then i tried to use the question mark to check if duplex is among th...

chukwuma by Level 1
  • 5 replies
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I have a WAP Cisco Air Cap3702I I have reset to factory settings and I am expecting the device to have an IP address of (following config guide on so I can get onto the GUI.  When I turn on (...

AJNiteOwl by Level 1
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Dear All,I'm trying to configure VLAN ACL, I have VLAN10, VLAN20 and other vlans.I want to drop everything from VLAN20 to all other VLANs except for a specific port on an IP on VLAN10.How can I do that?I've seen several configurations, but still not ...

AhmadZ by Level 1
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