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6500 not logging interface down

Hi, I have a 6500 that is logging most activity from what I can tell. Acl entries are logged and I can see when login attempts occur. However, when an interface changes states there is no logging enrty. Here is my logging config. logging userinfologg...

K-Grev by Beginner
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Resolved! SVI and Static MAC

 Thought I would put this out there as I can't find an answer to this question.  I will purposely not include all the history as I am asking a specific question.  I am trying to add a mac-address command to a new L3 switch's SVI interfaces so the MAC...


Добрый день Ребята настроил vrrp на cisco для bsc с bsc есть пинг до bvi но они не пингуют  мой виртуальный гейт.В чем может быть проблема прошу помочь 


Hi!I am new in networking and I am trying to setup this networking.I have supposed that I have these devices possible:layer 2 switch, 24 port FE and 2 ports GErouter, 2 ports FE, 1 wan port(it doesnt metter, fiber or any)In the router I have these ip...

Firepower <- S2S -> RRAS

Hello, I need to configure an S2S VPN between Firepower and RRAS, without success. There is always an error in pre-shared ikev2 authentication.Has anyone managed to make it work between these two products?

rudacs by Beginner
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