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Hello, I have an physical analyzer-device which collects the mirrored datatraffic in my network and analyzes it.The analyzer is connected to my coreswitch from which i want to read the data traffic via SPAN.But I also want to send the data traffic of...

TobiW.94 by Beginner
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Hi! we have a class project to design a network and alot departments on their own vlans.As of the moment we have successfully configured VTP and trunking. We are now experiencing errors on our DHCP where in we have encountered a message "dhcp failed ...

Cent19 by Beginner
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If we wanted to configure devices for Netflow to export the data to let's say Solarwinds, what are key considerations to take into account that could present problems on the network? I understand the the info on the devices is actually sent to the ex...

Hello guys, I was wondering if there's a way to know what are my unregistered APs downtimes. I know how to sort them by uptime but I haven't found a way to learn since when they have been down. I have Prime Infraestructure 3.3 and WLC Than...

dpcdpcdpc by Beginner
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An unused FPR-2110(ASA) device enter ROMMON mode after i plus the power, I enter the "boot" command, the system can start. I search the,but don't find how to resove it.(I find some web that need to reimage, but i am not sure.)

Zhixin by Beginner
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Hello Guys,The Cisco DCNM is not discovering and listing the SFP's/trancevier modules under DCNM-GUI/Monitor/Switches/Modules.   Cisco WSP-Q40GLR4L= network transceiver moduleThe Discovery seems to only show what is gatherable with "show inventory"Si...