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Measuring bandwidth

Hey CiscoWorks gurus,I want to measure and graph bandwidth utilization using CiscoWorks for a period of two weeks - where and how could I do this in CiscoWorks.Thanks!

sdevera by Beginner
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SDM will not run

I have recently downloaded the SDM v2.5 files to a PC. I launched the setup.exe files successfully, and now have the SDM launcher available on my desktop.I have pointed it to my router via IP address. but when I select use HTTPs and then select "La...

Resolved! CWA engine may not be running

Made a random click into CiscoWorks Assistant -> Workflows -> Server Setup (http://hostname:1741/cwa/, but received the following error, after eons of "Collecting existing server information. Please wait....":CWA025: Could not launch t...

yjdabear by Collaborator
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"show ip sla statistics" output

Hi, I got the following output, which is different from that in the command reference. The "Number of successes" here appears to be the number of measurements that is below threshold. It doesn't mean the successful of the measurement. I would like to...

samantha by Beginner
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NCM Expect references

Expect referencesI am starting to get into expect scripting for NCM but I keep running into roadblocks. The NCM documentation does not go into very good details on using expect scripts. It has good references to Java, Perl and SOAP but none to expe...

Alert flood when starting LMS

As per the title, when restarting LMS there is a flood of high severity alerts. Most of them are from Reachability/Unresponsive events with attribute of IPStatus TIMEDOUT. I'm guessing this is not normal startup behviour?Running LMS3.0-DecUpdate on W...

Resolved! LMS 2.6 DFM Event Sets

hi there,in the Event Sets Notification Services for DFM, which one is to be enabled, for the alerts to trigger if the router/switch is not detected or WAN link down.I have tried the "OperationallyDown" but it also detected the shut interfaces. pleas...

Resolved! LMS 2.6 backup failure

/var/adm/CSCOpx/files/rme/cri/archivestar: /var/adm/CSCOpx/files/rme/jobs/ArchivePurge/1562/299/log: file changed sizeERROR(686): Cannot create or back up tar file. Backup cancelled. Verify that you have write-access to this directory.Backup failed: ...

yjdabear by Collaborator
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