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Resolved! Unable to ping across the cloud

Hi all, my friends and I were given networks to configure and connect them via a cloud network. However, despite connections being up and working on our individual networks, when we connected them to the cloud, we are unable to ping across the networ...

Ivan Tay by Beginner
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this is what i am getting when i run the backup Destination filename [ASA_Backup]?Cryptochecksum: f2bd649c 522e87c2 cadd73d5 6c17bfbb!!!!!!!!! but i can't find the source where it's been saved! either i look at TFTP queue and it's not showing there, ...

Explanation of ASA NATs

Hello Can you explain me the below NATs? object network HQsubnet network INLINEnetwork-object object HQobject network NET_OBJsubnet netw...

Cisco Prime Infrastructure 3.8_Patch Management for Network devices_Recommendation Error_Version Management_9300 Switches

We started working on Cisco Prime Infrastructure to see if it can simplify the version management on Cisco Catalyst switches. Prime Infra 3.8 is installed and running with Evaluation license. 9300 Switch (Bundle Mode) is added as network device into ...

NDP by Beginner
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C9410R - TACACS+ Server config

What is the proper way to configure the TACACS+ server config on a C9410R (SUP1) running 16.12.3a?The config document says this formattacacs server <NAME>   address ipv4 <IP ADDRESS>   key <KEY> However, that's not an option on the switch. Below is t...

ROBERT T by Enthusiast
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Command Set Cisco ACS 5.8

Hi, I am configuring cisco ACS 5.8 and want to allow some specific command in command set while blocking its related commands. for e.g permit ping .* size 1000 permit ping .* count 500 I just want to allow above two argements with mentioned values...

What is NTP peer dispersion?

The official cert guide for the CCNP ENCOR exam states:Root dispersion = the calculated error of the actual clock attached to the atomic clockPeer dispersion = the root dispersion plus the estimated time to reach the root NTP server Here is what conf...