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OSPF WildCard mask problem

hi every one...i  am new in networking and i am bit confused in ospf  wildcard mask..ospf configartion on routers are as follow:R2(config)#router os 3R2(config-router)#net a 1% OSPF: Invalid address/mask combination (discontiguous mas...

gulzaib by Beginner
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Cisco Prime Reporting

Hi Guys, I have a customer who used different authentication types for wired end users on his switches.Dot1x - single and multiauth and no authentication. Is there any way we could create a report with Cisco Prime to give us an overview of the authen...


My Current WAN Setting is on PPPOE dialer and I want Configure WAN Interface to STATIC Ip Please help with thisIp Address Provided by ISPIP: DNS: DNS: Here is...

Cisco IOS

hello everyone, Please can somebody help with the general rule for choosing the best IOS to upgrade to? I can find out what the latest ones are for my devices, but how do you know which is the preferred one to upgrade to and how often should you upgr...

cknox1 by Beginner
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Open port

Alright,I'm not doing anything major to say the least, just testing outta website of my server for tests sake only. So I simply turn on the application and it runs off of port 80 then turn Apache then my SQL on and can from either a local address or ...