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Hi Team, Good day. We have a newly bought Catalyst 3850 with a Lan Base services and upgraded it from Denali to Fuji. May I ask what will happen if the eval status remaining days suddenly become 0? Can we still use our switch basic function? How can ...

Peter30 by Beginner
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I have a problem on a batch of 4221 routers where I cant access the webui at all. I have entered the configuration as described in the documentation.  I purchased the routers as a replacement for our cisco lab but they came configured with SD-WAN so ...

Sbeckwith by Beginner
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I try to configure syslog on my ASA and when input "logging host troub" it gives below error message:WARNING: configured logging host interface conflicts with route table entrySo im afraid and had to remove it.Please can somebody help?Tha...

Resolved! Open SSH

Hello,I wanted to know if I'm using Linux, could I access a cisco appliance (router, switch) using Open SSH?

moman62 by Beginner
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Hi, I have a router with 2 running EEM scripts: daily_restart and triggered_restartBasically it shut/no shuts a tunnel interface.The first one is triggerd by the clock, the second one is triggered by a BGP DOWN event. The "problem" now is that when t...

gnijs by Enthusiast
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Wondering if anybody else out there has an issue with Cisco Prime Infrastructure 3.3 and SNMPv3   We're seeing weird behavior in Prime where a site icon goes "Green" when verifying SNMP credentials, but after some time, the status icon shows amber wi...

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inarp by Beginner
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Hi, I have create a tcl script to put ip in variable.   Exemple Let say puts ": $ip "  displays   How can I split this IP to increment only the 3rd octect by 1 to make it What is best way to do this?  

serge123 by Beginner
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How does CNA discover specifically? Does it use the Device manager and if so what format HTTP or HTTPS? I cannot discover 2960x's on my network unless it is directly connected to another device, but the IS tech said he disabled Device Manager. If it ...

ktrahan67 by Beginner
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