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Cisoc RV 345

I have Cisco RV345Router Firmware: can't find out how to use my 4g usb modem with my router.Tryed two different 4g usb modems: Huawei E3372 and ZTE MF831My sim card does not use password My recognized the Huawei E3372, but wont connect, it...

Badegakk by Beginner
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Cisco ASA Question - Hairpinning?

5 Years ago we merged 2 companies each with its own network and different software applications for external clients to access. Company A has a Sophos UTM 9 firewall with the inside LAN on, and Company B has a Cisco ASA 5510 with the i...

roshi321 by Beginner
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Cisco QoS Not Working As Expected

I want to  implement QoS for my company and now in testing stage. What I want to achieve are I want to give priority to Office365 public IP subnet 5 Mbps of bandwidth and the bandwidth in total is 10 Mbps for Internet Upon testing with following topo...

qos_work_topology.PNG qos_not_work_topology.PNG
dchochan by Beginner
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Hidden/Secret CLI Commands

Hi Everyone!   I'm using a Cisco WSA asyncos, a Cisco ESA ironport and Cisco SMA. I'd like to know where I can find or know all of their secret cli commands. For example I know the "ARP" command but the list of commands indicated in the user guide do...

krlanglic by Beginner
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Cisco Prime 3.4 Image Selection

Question about Cisco Prime Infrastructure 3.4 Image Selection for software images import.   So I select device management/Software images/import For image source I select Device selection i select which ever device When I go to image select...

Cisco DPC3939B Firmware Issue

We recently received an upgrade to our Cisco DPC3939B Modem that we have through Comcast. After the upgrade we are experiencing flapping and latency with our circuit (see image).   DOCSIS Software Version: dpc3939b-v303r20421911-181127a-CMCST Softwar...

netalert by Beginner
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Load Balancing Router Suggestions

Hi guys I'm having 3 different ISPs and right now they are all connected to routers and then to the network, we have only one server and around 50-60 users. In the current scenario two ISPs are only used if the main ISP is down and also it has to be ...

rij079 by Beginner
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Resolved! 3850 IOS Upgrade

Greetings, I have 2 3850's in environment that have the IOS  in Bundle mode. I need to upgrade them to the next code version in Install mode. I am wanting to verify whether or not I need to convert the existing version to Install, reload then upgrade...

lopema2013 by Beginner
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