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 Hi,   My ASR have 3 interfaces one is for ingress of traffic and I want to implement PBR so i can forward the traffic to specific interface. This has to implement on a VRF . 

Adnan Khan by Enthusiast
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Asking about my CISCO

Hi Forum,  Greetings, Im  new to cisco, and i have a router which is 1800series.Mine one was 1841. I want to ask about  this, Whether my router support ipsec or not? and what can i do with my router for configuri...

ISR 4400 firmware upgrade

When upgrading a ISR 4451 from  isr4400-universalk9.03.13.04.S.154-3.S4-ext.SPA.bin to isr4400-universalk9.16.06.04.SPA.bin is the rommon firmware upgrade included?  I ask because when I upgraded my 4351's a month ago to 16.9.1 a prompt came up telli...

cmparish5 by Beginner
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Model Number OID not specific

Hello. Can I change the OID aka sysObjectID on a specific device or is it only changed or updated when the IOS is updated. For example 3750 and 3850 Catalyst Switches are showing in monitoring software(Netmri, Solarwinds, etc) as "catalyst37xxStack" ...

rmase19 by Beginner
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Network Design

I am trying to create a network topology for 102 PCs. 2 PCs will be for Directors use for a company. The 100 PCs will be spread over 4 branches across 1 country. Not sure what kind of topology/design would be most effective and cost efficient.  

Expansion by Beginner
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Block Internet browsing for specific user vlan but allow voice calling and Messengers .

Hello Colleagues, Greeting to all, Please Assist for below query.I have Cisco 4910 Core Switch and Cisco WLC 5508 where we have several user VLAN's and they have well Internet Access over LAN and Wi-Fi. Now our requirements is to add some specific gr...

Logical network separation task to distinguish between user bandwidth and management bandwidth

When the user band is set to in the workgroup switch, the management IP is set in the same band.For our company's stronger securityAnd decided to set the management IP as a separate band.For example, if your workgroup switch has VLAN 1...

jinhyeon by Beginner
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Modem not yet initialized Cisco 1921 VDSL

Good morning, initially it was all working on the router, after a down of the line a strange thing happened. If I give the command show controllers vdsl 0/0/0 the output is: 1921 # show controllers vdSL 0/0/0 VDSL Controller 0/0/0 is DOWN Daemon S...

Nelu by Beginner
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Hi Guys, Please i am trying to right an EEM script to execute a command if an IPSLA 11 is not reachable and IPSLA 12 is reachable. This is what i have for now. Pls i need your help. track 11 ip sla 11 reachabilitydelay down 8 up 10 track 12 ip sla 11...

Gbgreat by Beginner
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NMS System FCS Error, discard monitoring questions

Hello. my name is Key.   I am using NMS System PRTG.   I want to know interface FCS error and discard counte through NMS System PRTG.   Product n7k-C7009              n5k-C5672UP              n5k-C5548UP              n5K-C5596UP              WS-C3850...

Key12 by Beginner
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