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Hello i have some test tcl script for cisco router: # script.tcl test::cisco::eem::event_register_syslog tag 1 pattern ".*SYS-5-CONFIG_I: Configured from console.*" occurs 1 ::cisco::eem::trigger { ::cisco::eem::correlate event 1 ::cisco::eem::attr...

Hi, I have 2 queries as below 1. using ICMP what details I can get for a device and how. 2. a device is giving timed out through ping. Can I get the specific reason ( like device powered off, busy etc ) of timed out through ICMP ? Keen to know asap. ...

Hi, Until a few days ago my ipsec connection between my cisco rv042 and my Sophos xg firewal functioned correctly. After updating the sophos to version 17, it worked for 2 weeks and already yesterday it stopped connecting. is configured with ikev1, a...

Pialex by Beginner
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Hello All,    I've recently purchased a few 1841 routers for a home lab while I study for my CCNA.  The routers were purchased off of eBay, and all of them were locked and requiring login before getting to a command line.   I was hoping it would be a...

Samc2527 by Beginner
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I am looking for a solution to remotely manage a network if some issue arises that prevents management over the LAN. I was thinking of a 4G router connected to a ASA 5506 connected to a device that allows console connections to about 8 switches. This...

please help me, I have a problem as stated below, I ask for a solution and a solution please : 1. TV1 in the home network is not showing the image* * You can use any image in the drive C:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper 2. Laptop1 want to access the website h...

peace by Beginner
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Hello,   I have one router connected to two different circuits.  I'm trying to implement an EEM script that will match the EIGRP message of "up" but before enabling the network statement for the EIGRP neighbor to come back online and advertise routes...

joshehaos by Beginner
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