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Hello,So some time ago we started to notice something on our network. When downloading a large file, the download speed will gradually slow down and hit 0 and says "network failure." We managed to isolate the issue with the ISP (their devices were mi...

dannyh by Beginner
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helloi have 2 routers with one subnet don't know How to start to solve it, on hitch router  i have 2 switches  with 2 pc.Need to establish connnectivity between all hostsneed to configure network i need dhcp in the routers?...

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RoeeM by Beginner
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greetings everyone, nowadays i'am facing a big issue, on my network a have a replication link to our backup datacenter, and this link is a lease link with 20Mbps.latetly some server's jobs fail down since the saturation of this link, and the ping get...

Hello all, I don't have an issue per say, but I would appreciate some guidance and direction. I want to upgrade our 5525 with the most up to date software but this is something i have never done. i used to work with encryption devices like KG 250 and...

Bryson F by Beginner
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1- i have cisco switch 2960 and i need to find all clients mac address connected to the switch and able to ignore specific mac address.2- if i have 5 cisco switches connected to each other , how i can find specific mac address belong to which switch ...

mishaq by Beginner
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Context: I'm configuring up batches of IR809s. One step of that process is upgrading modem firmware for TELSTRA. Old version: FwVersion -, PriVersion - 002.044_000 New version: FwVersion -, PriVersion - 002.067_000 Files in fl...

JoshG255 by Beginner
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