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Hi, We have a monitoring system and we need to check if the switch is up or down Is it better to use ICMP ping or SNMP Is ICMP is better than SNMP as SNMP consumes more bandwidth, overhead and utilize switches resources more than ICMP ? We need to lo...

The CISCO_PRODUCTS-MIB incorrect description of product.  The OIDS for 2818 and 2819 list them as Cisco ASR 1000 series routers, but they are Cisco Catalyst 8500 Edge Platforms.  Unless the C8500 are really just re-masked ASR 1000 series routers, thi...

I have a device that has a VCI that includes its firmware level in it.  To prevent issues, the manufacturer suggests using a wildcard in the Option 60 policy to match on any firmware level.  This would save us a lot of work, but our CNR engineer does...

BBman by Beginner
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I am trying to make a script that will give me the uptime of the router and send it to a database. The problem I have, the part of the script that doesn't work, work if I execute it from the tclshell on the router.tclset value [snmp_getone public 1.3...

slauzon by Beginner
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hi all,i'am stucking in pickle, my replication link gets saturation almost 24H, so for that we are planned to increse the bandwith as showing bellow,my wonderings are :once we have increase our bandwidth, i want to apply the Qos, on that link. dispat...