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So I'm very new to managed switches. I have just bought a used 2960-24tt-l but i can't seem to get express setup to work. It starts to blink like it's in express setup mode and i can access it on through both CNA and http, but I'm sent to wh...

event manager applet TCL_RUN event timer cron cron-entry "* * * * *" action 1   cli command "enable" action 1.1 cli command "tclsh nvram:sid5.tcl" action 1.3 cli command "end" Error generated : %HA_EM-3-FMPD_CLI_CONNECT: Unable to establish CLI sessi...

Hi,I am trying to configure ip accounting on a Cisco 1801, it does show the command as in within show, but I am unable to configure it.Does anybody has an idea why? Command line:router#show ip accounting ?  access-violations  show access violations i...

uhuFAT32x by Beginner
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Good Afternoon,My company is in the process of changing internet service providers and I wanted to get all my ducks in order before we pull the trigger. Currently our main switch is a 3850 which branches off into 3 seperate 2960x's. We have a VLan se...

Tell me please, where I can find the ISO-Image at the download center for the LMS Remote Syslog Collector?Cisco writes:Installing on WindowsTo install the Remote Syslog Collector on a Windows system:Step 1 Navigate to the RSAC folder on the LMS 4.2 D...

hsticher by Beginner
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Hi,After installing the prerequisites from the document - CiscoPrimeServiceCatalog_10_0_IntegrationGuide.pdfand image - CPSC_10.0.0R2_unix.gz , on a red hat machine. and oracle version - oracle-xe-11.2.0-1.0. But the installation logs has an error, a...

abaginen by Beginner
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