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Delay on Device down alert

Hi,it takes a very long time until PI (version 2.0) realizes that a switch is unavailable (around 5 minutes). In some cases, the affected device is up and running again and the NMS doesn't take a note about this. I already changed the Device Health M...

SNMP Traps???

Hi All,I am beginning to pull my hair out on this one, maybe I am asking Uncle Google the wrong questions.......Situation is that I have joined a new company and they have WhatsUp Gold NMS setup to recieve ANY traps from Cisco devices, this means tha...

EEM for EIGRP flapping

Hello Experts,Customer needs to find out the root cause of the EIGRP neighbors flapping. Haplessly, the flap occurs for around 4 seconds and then recover. I would like to find out if it is possible to configure an EEM script to run when the neighbor ...

rmorganq by Beginner
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Ciscoworks syslog collector issue

Hi All,In a central location i have a ciscoworks syslog collector version 3.5. The issue is not all the logs generated in the device are collected by  ciscoworks including the devices connected in LAN. The major issue is on Cisco6500 series switches ...

Prime Infrastructure 1.3

Hello, I've come across the following error when trying to deploy configuration tasks to two WiSM 2 controllers "Config Deploy"-jobs fail with the message "Failed In CA backup before deploy".We have tried changing management user accounts, passwords ...

mbailey08 by Beginner
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ISE deployment

hiif i have a deployment with 3 ISE servers, two of the ISE are working as a standalone primary and secondary and the third as radius proxy for VPN client users. Will the VPN client users be able to benefit from the authorization posturing and profil...