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 hi EEM guys,probably a few of you have a lot more experience like me on the EEM side :) - hier my brief question|requirement:dsl lines are more unstable the longer a line could be or the more crostalk is on the line etc.. - means line could be for s...

Hello, we have Cisco Prime LAN Management Solution Version 4.2.5 and CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution Version 4.0.When attempting to run the credential verification we often get a failure that states SNMPV3 OK, SSH Failed to connect and Enable by S...

Hi Guys, Let me explain one scenario here.I have four 7206vxr (NPE-G1) routers in my network. Currently all of them are running fine with IOS image c7200-a3jk9s-mz.124-25f.bin.Recently we have decided to upgrade these devices to 15.x series and we up...

Resolved! Backup CiscoWorks

Hi Does anybody knows how I can do a backup of the CIscworks and licencing and when is located that?CWLMS-3.2-5K-K9This is because I do that, and the System backup status is  Success and last backup location D:/, but there is not a file that I can se...

Hello,I have to setup DCNM for managing nexus 5000 and 7000 using snmp v3. But I find nothing in DCNM NOTE about how to set up the SNMP credentials MD5 and AES in DCNM.When i go into admin > Data sources > lan , I can only setup the enable password a...

RASHID by Level 1
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Hi,I have CIsco LMS 3.2The problem is that one of the locations which was installed with CIsco 1841 Router has been replaced with Cisco 1941from where i can get the report displaying the previous and the new replaced model ? Thanks

aryarahul by Level 1
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Upgrade failed. Output states:ERROR: The last upgrade operation was unsuccessful. See dbadmin_StdOut.log for details. To recover, reinstall the server and restore the saved backup data.% Pre-install step failed. Please check the logs for more details...