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Hi All,Does anyone know if there exists a list of upcoming new features for Prime Infrastructure 2.1? I'm particularly interested in two aspects:1) Topology views which have been on the roadmap for a while2) Whether PI can monitor for up/down reachab...

gzelks by Beginner
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Hi all,Say for example there is a topology like thisServer1--6506E-6509E--Server2And there is a intermittent connectivity issue between Servers. In every 5 secs, server1 sends keepalive to Server2 to maintain its connectivity. But when the issue is i...

Karan Puri by Beginner
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Hi,I want to capture all traffic in a certain vlan (74) from two switches. I use a remote vlan to accomplish this.The problem is that I see on the wireshark trace traffic which is traveling from one switch to the other but I don’t see traffic which r...

hansvanz1 by Beginner
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I am adding my Cisco 3750's into prime and I would like to enable NMSP fro each switch using prime.So far I have only found the way to do this is by editing each switch once Prime has synchronizing with the switch. Is there away to do this in bulk? I...

Hi,  we would like to  create a daily report for checking  (by user-tracking function) mac-address list on the network. I try to use “report designer” on “report” dashboard without any success. Could you help us to provide or create a method for appl...